C. S. Lewis’s Lost Aeneid soon to be released!

Mar 7, 2011 by

CS Lewis' Lost Aeneid book cover

News is quickly spreading about the new C.S. Lewis publication being released later this month — C. S. Lewis‘s Lost Aeneid published by Yale University Press. The book can be pre-ordered directly from Yale University Press or through Amazon. However, if you go through the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s bookstore http://www.cslewis.org/store/index.html a portion of the sale goes to help fund the ministry and mission of the Foundation. It is a cause well worth supporting.

The first article releasing information about this publication is in The Independent, dated March 4, 2010.


Jason Fisher of Lingwe.blogspot (one of my favorite blog writers anywhere) offers an excellent post related to the upcoming release.  Jason brings some additional information about this publication that hasn’t been made available yet elsewhere.


A wonderful exploration of this book with podcast of readings can be found on Malcolm Guite’s website and are a delightful introduction to this material. http://malcolmguite.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/cs-lewiss-lost-aeneid-a-brief-review/

I’ve already ordered my copy through the C.S. Lewis Foundation and with shivers of excitement look forward to seeing this unexpected new material. Doubtless there will be lots of discussion about this work at Oxbridge this summer.  Order yours and let me know what you think. Happy reading!

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  1. It’s a truly wonderful book. I have written a review of it on my blog together with some audioboo links in which I read example passages. I hope to read more of it aloud at the Oxbridge conference

  2. Lancia E. Smith

    I’ve added a link to your marvelous review and reading from it, Malcolm. What a delicious taste of how it should sound and feel. I am greatly looking forward to hearing you read more of it at Oxbridge.

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